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Get a Job, or go to College?

on Monday, 20 May 2013. Posted in blog

This topic seems a bit obvious right? Why would the college help website talk about anything other than going to college.
Before you stop reading out of confusion and rage, hear me out. The purpose of this and all other articles is to present you with solid information so you can make an educated decision. With that said, we can begin this analysis. The question in the title has plagued high school graduates (and adults alike) for a long time, but even more so recently. With the current financial crisis the way it is, many are rethinking going to college to try and pursue a career. Or, they want to start working right away, and then think about college later. There are benefits to thinking this way. The most obvious one is: Money. Receiving a steady income can be very tempting, especially when you don’t have many bills to pay. Most grad students out of high school have never seen more than a 1000$ in one place, so at the end of the month, when the paycheck arrives, it can be a very misleading experience. As a result, many fall into a false sense of security, thinking they never have to go back to college, or simply forget about it altogether. Now here are the facts. When you have very few qualifications, namely, just a high school diploma, your value on the job market drops significantly compared to even a certified graduate. Statistically speaking, unless you have connections or really good luck, it’s very likely that the only jobs you can land will be minimum-wage. Don’t let anyone tell you that obtaining a high school diploma is not a great achievement. Sadly though, it doesn’t hold much weight when applying for a high-paying job. Of course, many people criticize college programs as well. Some find that spending 4 or 5 years of their life obtaining a bachelor’s degree while slowly paying off student loans is not worth the investment. And of course, a degree in whatever does not guarantee a job either. The only way to look at both options – getting a job or going to college – would be statistically and logically. Simply put, a college graduate has many more opportunities than a high school graduate. That’s a fact. Past generations could find good work with just a high school diploma because United-States had an economy based on manufacturing. Now, it’s based around knowledge and experience. Usually, a college degree shows an employer that this person is willing to stick with something no matter how difficult it gets. Whether you go to college, or look for a job, it’s your choice. No one can force you to do something you don’t want. I just hope that this article can illuminate some in their decision making. Also, have you considered the option of working while in college? Yeah, I probably should have started with that.

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