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To Study or Not to Study: Business.

on Saturday, 18 May 2013. Posted in blog

Welcome to the first in a series of articles titled To Study or Not to Study.  This series is designed to inform the reader about the various study programs 

that exist and the pros and cons of each. The goal is to help people who struggle to pick a major – which can be a problem for many high school graduates and adults alike. This week’s topic: Business.  

Let’s get down to business

In today’s world, business school is regularly associated with success. It is often viewed as the fail-safe major for its practicality. Every single organization, corporation or association, regardless of industry, only progresses if someone has a proper understanding of business concepts. It comes as no surprise then, that business is the most popular major chosen by college students. Basically, if you acquire a solid business acumen, you have 1) the practical skills needed to excel at a variety of positions within a company, and 2) skills enabling you to start your own business.

It is also a safe option because there will always be a demand for individuals qualified to manage, organize and plan in their respective organizations. Many employers specifically seek out workers with these qualifications when hiring, even if the job doesn’t call for those skills right away. The business curriculum typically includes real-life case studies and problem-solving exercises, making the transition from study to workplace much smoother than any other field. Simply said, business owners need someone who has experience in real-life situations and combines that knowledge with established theory, i.e. the business major.

Another advantage  is the variety in specialization. Studying business in no way limits you to a management position. Market research , public relations , systems analysis, and banking are just a few of the many professions you could specialize in. This enables you to choose something that interests you and stick with it, even later in the workplace. This also affords you the opportunity to change your career later on in life without necessarily reinvesting in continuing education.

Now for the other side.

Before you go signing up for a business class right away, remember that with every decision come downsides. First of all, just because business school is very popular, it does not mean that it is the easiest. The difficulty of the class itself may not be an issue, but the time needed to pursue this career is extensive. You generally start early in the morning and go on until the evening. Study groups, case studies, homework, exam prep, all take a hold of your spare time and don’t let go. Evenings, weekends, and any other spare time you have should all be sacrifices you are willing to make.

Remember how popular business majors are? Well this also means that the job market is crawling with college grads with business degrees looking for work. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a demand for them, it just means that you are going to have be one of the best in your field to really get noticed.
This is a commitment. Business school is an investment of time and money, a lot of time and money. It should not be something you choose solely because it seems to most likely to lead to success. Seriously evaluate your interest in the field before you enroll, make sure that you are ready for this. Business programs are fast, intense and highly competitive. Hey, just like a real business.

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