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Top five fastest growing careers

on Monday, 20 May 2013. Posted in blog

1) Home Health Aides and Personal and Home Care Aides Percent Growth Through
2018: 48 percent Home health aides require formal training and a competency test to work for certified home health or hospice agencies. Personal home care aides, however, face a wide range of requirements from state to state. All healthcare aides are trained on the job by nurses or other experienced aides. Many of these aides work weekends or part-time to fulfill the needs of their clients. 2) Computer Network, Systems, and Database Administrators Percent Growth Through 2018: 30 percentNetworking All these professions require a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s with related work experience. Many of these workers begin as computer support specialists before transitioning to administration positions. Common majors taken include computer science, information science, and management information systems (MIS). 3) Registered Nurses (RN) Percent Growth Through 2018: 22 percentNurses RN’s constitute the largest healthcare occupation with 2.6 million jobs. There are three typical educational paths one can take on the road to becoming a RN: - A bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) - An associate’s degree in nursing (AND) - A diploma BSN’s take 4 years to complete, AND’s take 2-3 years to complete, and diploma programs offered by hospitals take on average 3 years to complete. Training for RN’s is rigorous but there are payoffs in being able to find a job almost anywhere geographically. 4) Medical Assistants Percent Growth Through 2018: 34 percentMedical Assistants Medical assisting programs are offered in vocational-technical high schools, postsecondary vocational schools, and community or junior colleges. Typical programs last 1 year, but an associate’s degree is received if 2 years are spent as a student. However, some medical assistants are trained on the job and only require a high school diploma. The majority of medical assistants work in a physician’s office. 5) Accountants and Auditors Percent Growth Through 2018: 22 percentAccountants and Auditors At the bare minimum a bachelor’s degree is required. However, most employers require the accountant in question to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The field is estimated to continue growing even past 2018 due to increased number of businesses, greater scrutiny on a company’s finances, and changing tax and finance laws.

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